Power of cold

Can cold be a source of heat and electricity?
Our answer is yes!
There are many ways to generate electricity - with the help of wind, water, sun and even the atom itself. There are many approaches, effective and not, but until today no one has generated electricity from ... the cold. We know how to do it.

Our invention solves the problem of living in cold regions. It is a mobile "socket". And this is a breakthrough in energy-saving technologies! The difference in more than 4°C will launch the invention. That's all that the device needs to generate current.

Our model can be used in design of electric cars, "smart houses" construction, tourism and production of clothing that charges mobile devices. Moreover it can support projects related to exploration of the arctic seas and the space.

The side effect of generating electricity in our invention is the generation of heat. This is what we plan to use as a useful property for heating rooms and car interiors.

The invention is simple and compact:
- two-channel controller with bimetallic temperature sensor
- battery pack
- converting inverter
- film with wires and microcells Peltier
The modern world dreamed about autonomous and cheap electricity supply for a long time. Our invention can be applied for different life purposes. Moreover, there is no analogues to our solution on the market so far.

The market for our device is not yet formed. But every person on the earth is our potential client!


2016 – Calculations
It all started with calculations. Raw formulas and technical details, which started with templates on paper, but gave the desired result
2016 – Modeling
After the calculations we started to simulate a useful model that would work according to our paper templates
2017 – Production
A useful model is assembled. After extensive tests, it showed that the calculations and simulations were done correctly
2017 – Patenting
The results of the research were sent to "Rospatent". A patent for useful model #172976 has been received
2018 – Sale
Our useful model is accepted as working and we are fully confident in commercial success. We are looking for investors and are ready to sell exclusive rights for production
2019 – Support
We will help the investor properly implement our invention and, if necessary, build a production line
The cost of one square meter of our useful model's film is approximately 8-10 dollars. On average, 1 square meter of film produces 30-40 watts of electricity. That is, 12 square meters will be enough to charge 2 car batteries in 60 A/h, the electric power of which can be used for lighting the premises, or used to charge electric cars. Based on this, the cost of the system required to illuminate the apartment will be approximately equal to:
12*10+50*2 (cost of batteries)
+50 (cost of bimetallic sensor)
+30 (cost of inverter if necessary)
= 300 dollars
For use in the textile industry, namely for the production of outerwear, with the ability to charge smartphones and other gadgets:
0,4*10+30 (cost of a battery type powerbank)
+50 (cost of a bimetallic sensor)
= 84 dollars
Based on the fact that 3.5 million electric cars were produced in 2017, and for 1 electric car, if it is equipped with our system, 10 square meters needed - then the potential market is measured by 35 million square meters of film in a year.
And that's just electric cars!
If we take in to account the textile industry, the production of insulation materials for building houses, then the potential market can easily be multiplied by 3. Totally, in order to cover the demand, it is necessary to produce a minimum of 100 million square meters of our film.

Considering that you will have exclusive rights and pledging a minimum of 300% in the price from the cost price, we get an approximate profit per year:
100 000 000*2*10 = 2 000 000 000 dollars in a year
Since exclusive rights will be valid for at least 5 years, we receive 10 000 000 000 dollars of net profit.

Taking into account the initial investment of $20 million (this is the maximum investment), the profitability will be crazy money that will not be able to provide any other project.

What is included in the initial investment?

1. Construction of own capacities (factory) approximately 8 000 000 dollars. Taking into account the permits and hiring of employees.
2. The cost of raw materials, operating expenses and wages in the first year = 4 000 000 dollars.
3. Expenses for advertising and promotion of the product on the market, marketing and targeting = 8 000 000 dollars.
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